How did I get here?

Feeling the creativity floating in my veins through the transformation of the material within my hands. The inspiration in the fusion of materials and various techniques – ancient felting and model-making, in custom-made garments. That’s where I am now.

I remember the scene so vividly: me, six years old, curiously gazing in wonder while Anna, an old friend of my mom, gently takes my doll, looks at her for a moment, then puts her aside and with rapid precise movements draws some lines with a chalk directly on a cotton fabric and it turns out to be a dress pattern. Together we sew the dress. And even with my dolls damaged leg she looks so beautiful in her new garment and it fits perfectly.

In that moment I sense a concentration and a decision form itself- I want to learn this! To be able to make a pattern that fits! – and that’s probably where my journey started… Throughout the years it has been one of my leading threads: The desire to encounter the person in front of me and catch her beauty and uniqueness, and sum it up in something created in particular for this very special person. To create something that matches your dreams and desires where you are feeling GOOD, comfortable, sheltered & cared for.

Lately, my work has taken on new dimensions with the implementation of light sources and a continuous curiosity in exploring the relationships and connections between people, between human beings and nature…

And after a long interval with not much sewing and tailoring I’m again experimenting these tecniques.

I graduated from Danmarks Radio, the national television in Denmark, as a dressmaker and tailor. I went to Italy to learn traditional tailoring. Here I studied and worked by Atelier d’alta moda di Franco Mazzieri in Milan, followed by a period at Teatro alla Scala, Milan (as a dressmaker and costume assistant). Back in Copenhagen, after a couple of years, I worked at various theatres.

I also got a full bachelor of education from a university college, in Denmark. In order to be qualified to teach in the primary and secondary school, with the addition of a specializing programme in teaching adults. My main qualification areas studied were Art and English

I moved to Italy in 2001, with my family (husband and two kids)- and since then I have been working free-lance from my studio in the countryside, near the Garda lake.

In 2006 a nuno-felted garment crossed my way… it had such unique poetry that I instantly fell in love! After a basic felting course by Agostina Zwilling I began to explore and discover the most unexpected and surprising mix of colours, texture, and structure. And soon I started implementing this new adventure in my work. Since then I have had the pleasure to attend classes with Danila Schön, Marjolein Dallinga, Liz Clay, Rutsuko Sakata and Andrea Graham.

About felt-making and nuno-felt
Felt-making is an ancient technique. Basically, you add humidity and friction to the wool fibers, that thereby felt together.
In simple words, you add soapy water to the wool, press and rub the wool and the fibers will tighten into a felted textile material.

Nuno-felt or hybrid felt, on the other hand, is a more recent invention. The wool is layered on fabric and then it is all felted together, always with the help of soap-water.
The fabric could be anything with an open texture like for example cotton/flax cheesecloth or gauze, cotton voile, silk chiffon/organza/pongee/Thai, etc.


Daisaku Ikeda, my mentor for lifelong inspiration and encouragement.
My dear husband Patrick Danzi, daughter Leonora and son Francesco.

All the marvelous people who crossed my way with joy, laughter, inspiration, support, encouragement, hope, challenges and friendship
-in particular:

Mormor, Sysser, Faster, Helle Stenberg, Satsuki Inoue, Erika Demler, Lotte Forman Hersbro,  Guido Carravieri, Helle Eble Cleary, Michael Cleary, Brita Jacobsen, Lizzie Sørensen, Berit Thybring, Cecilie Engen Winton, Vonne Kramsfeldt, Manne, Ellen Waelbroeck Hartmann, Ebrahem Hassibi, Emanuela Esquilli, Viviana Tavoni, Edith Fischer Baumgartner, Claudia Hammerschmidt, Maria de Fornasari, Franco Mazzieri, Massimiliano Volpini, Ornella Bernazzani, Matteo Fosso, Mario Fosso, Grazia Vicentini, Daniel Kevorkian, Patrizia Polese, Ilaria Fracasso, Ellen Bache, Carla Piccoli, Magda Cairera Schiff, Elif Heinig, Rita Danzi, Laura Bonera, Lars Lippert, Mikal Schlosser, Dario Fo, Hanne Sparre, Trine Skovmand, Trine Backhausen, Solvei Petersen, Anna Bagger, Jane Hyldgaard, Gisela, Itati, Birte Harksen, Kristine Faldgaard, Valeria Zaramella, Kasper Damgaard, Lisa Simmons, Rosaida Benini, Zsuzsanna Czinki, Kriszti Nemes, Natasa Drakula, Susan Lazear, Janice Arnold…………… And many many others. You’re all in my heart.

And not to forget Eva Basile, Feltrosa, Coordinamento Tessitori, Gaia Gaultieri, DHGshop & the team, Franz Haller, Spinnradl, The Wool Box & the team, Agostina Zwilling…

A particular heartfelt thank you to Rosaida Benini & Chiara Benini for photos on this website.

And to Anna Ballarini for helping me get things straight with this website.




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